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What's robo trading?
With Robo-trading, investors can copy positions automatically opened by trading bots, which are designed to follow trading strategies developed by our quant-trading team. Strategies are based on technical analysis indicators with optimal profit/risk ratio.
It is safe?
TruePnL is secured following the OWASP standard. All user data, especially API Keys are stored safely and used only for trading and analysis. The trading system is fully automated, and designed to remain reliable and safe whatever happens.
Do I need to deposit funds?
No deposits are needed because we don’t store any coins on our service. All robo trading connections are established and managed on TruePnL platform using the API keys of the exchange platform. This will allow investors to execute trades on their account automatically and hold any third-party from moving their funds anywhere. Thus, there is zero risk of your funds being stolen from your account. Only you have the full control over your funds, and only you can withdraw the funds from the exchange platform.
How much profit can I make?
Our goal is to provide the trading robots with the best historical returns. The historical performance by individual robots can be seen on the Roborating page. Past results do not guarantee the same performance in the future, but this data can serve as a guideline when you choose your first robot.
Is it easy to use?
Yes, 'Keep it simple' is our motto since we launched the service. You won't need trading experience and deep knowledge in trading to start using TruePNL. Just set up an account, choose the robot and allocate it the sum to trade. The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes to make your account ready to start.
Am I able to connect or execute my own strategy?
All strategies undergo a detailed audit by our team before being added to the platform. If you want your own strategy to be reviewed, please connect us via [email protected]